April Lucid Dreams 2011-2012

1st April 2011

I made a note saying:

I have lost all drive and direction in my life.

Please show, guide me and love me.

“How can I once again have the drive to work”

This was a question I wanted answered in my dreams. Looking at this now I was being very hard on myself. I was so young!

9th April 2011

I had an amazing dream and had lots of answers to my questions.

I moved to France and was admiring the beautiful scenery.

I got a daily deviation for painting a picture of a Japanese boy.

I found £7 and a lot of precious stones.

10th April 2011

I dreamt that I was in a film called Battle Royale 4, it was set in China

A man was given lots of money and climbed a mountain, he got to the top, ate a paper cracker and then fell off the mountain.

I was with my girlfriend, Obama and David Cameron. It was like a round table meeting, we were drinking wine and toast. We were acting like rich people because we were there to steal data from them.

We somehow stole their fingerprints and retina information to use on scanners.

14th April 2011

I had the longest lucid dreams within lucid dreams.

In my dream I moved back home with my parents, I fell asleep in that dream and woke up into a lucid dream.

I flew out of my house to various buildings.

I had a crazy police chase at one point and some people came to save me, they were shooting at them and were dressed in paintball uniforms.

After we got away I spoke to the people, it turns out they were all lucid dreamers who came to save me.

They said they were from all over the world but we all connected here in this dream.

It was a very fun experience!

17th April 2011

I had weird dreams were I was in different states of consciousness.

At one point I saw my hands in front of me and I was practicing creating energy balls.

I saw some cool visualisations and then also some others that were of everyday locations and situations.

The one I remember was a woman gave birth but the baby wasn’t breathing, the Dad looked worried.