February Lucid Dreams During 2014

22nd February 2014

I set the intention of meeting a famous artist to get guidance or feedback on my work.

In one dream I saw one artist putting one of them down because they spent too much time and attention on promoting their own online profiles rather than their artworks!

I did notice that this dream could easily apply to me sometimes.

23rd February 2014

I have been testing my own lucid dreaming experiments that generate inspiration and ideas for my artistic expression, this one solely relies on incubating a dream situation which I have had great success with in the past.

Last night I successfully achieved some of the intentions I made before going to sleep, the main intention being that I find inspiring art books.

In my first dream I found myself in a Japanese landscape full of huts, once I became lucid I knew that one of these huts would be an art room which would contain inspiring work and books for me to look at.

The first hut I went into contained various canvases which contained amazing pictures but I was more interested in the books on the wall. I started looking through the covers and found two books by Dali and Bosch, but I became over excited to perceive the details in the books and started to lose lucidity.

In a later dream I was in a huge library and had to write a dissertation about art history (which is funny because I have started to broaden my knowledge of art history in real life) I then suddenly remembered to look for books of art which sparked my lucidity. I made the mistake of gathering books on a table without actually looking through them first. One book was on Da Vinci and had the title Hiddenism with sacred geometry on the cover. The mistake in this dream is that I started losing lucidity before looking through the books.

I have had better success in the past, I probably need to work on my stablising and prolonging lucidty techniques! but it was still a very inspiring night

24th February 2014

I dreamt that my best friend cut my hair and made me a top hat out of it so I looked like Slash for GNR.

My parents bought me one of the big graphic display tablets that I had wanted.

27rd February 2014

I managed to induce two WILD’s, I saw crazy colours, patterns and body vibrations. It was tough for me to transition into a lucid state.