New stock added!

Just a notice to let members of my gold collective that a new stock imagery pack has been added to your downloads section!

I will try and make posts like this to help notify you all of the changes going on in the collective, thank you and enjoy!

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  1. Tracey Warren
    Tracey Warren says:

    Hi Louis,

    I did your Digital Visionary Art Course about 5 Years ago.
    I am proud to say I am now a Gold Member of your new site.
    Wow ! How amazing it was then and how enlightening it is now.
    ‘How incredibly inspiring you are’.
    Life got busy for me then and set me on whirl, but, once more, I am now sitting in my Creative Saddle and most graciously, living the artistic dream.
    I adore all of your creations and additions over the years and your work is Soul Centred and Spiritually inspired.
    I follow your progress with complete adoration and respect and I am, at last, back to learn from you and enjoy all of the truths and insights expressed within your artwork.
    Thank you for sharing your visions inside your Artworks. Kindest Regards, Always xx

    • Louis Dyer
      Louis Dyer says:

      Hi Tracey,

      I am glad to hear you are inspired and living your creative dream! I am also feeling a new wave of creativity and I’m super excited to share new videos on my creation process soon, I have lots to share!
      Thank you for supporting my work for such a long time, all the best and take care, Louis✨🙏🏻

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