September Lucid Dreams During 2015

8th September 2015

I had a crazy dream last night, a woman presented me with a green/blue flower which had a white orb in the middle. It was almost like an egg yolk, she told me to drink it so I did.

I then started to have a psychedelic trip, I saw cool patterns/languages and was told that the 1970’s was about waking up and now in 2015 we just have to open our eyes.

I am pretty sure there were aliens involved but the rest of the dream is foggy!
Still interesting though, thanks for looking! 🙂

September 2015

This piece is inspired from a recent dream I had. I was using Photoshop and the layers started to become fractalised, when I zoomed in and out of the canvas it would create an infinite tunnel of my artwork. To my amazement this actually happened to me in real life today while working on this piece! My computer was lagging and it created this very cool effect.