August Lucid Dreams 2011-2012

4th August 2011

Last night I dreamt of work and once again my old school. Me and my girlfriend were going France, we were waiting outside of the boat. I found 12 large pound coins to get onto the ferry, I also called my mum before leaving and she was worried about me not eating enough. I suddenly grabbed a large rope from the boat and was pulled into the air.
I was holding tightly onto the rope looking down at the sea and the boat but I knew it was a dream so I was not scared.

5th August 2011

I saw a spider killing and eating a huge crocodile but then the spider turned into a bigger crocodile.

7th August 2011

I was making levels for a video game, I was creating amazing objects and colours and playing with the physics of the landscape.

I was in a park with my family and found a bunch of money.

I saw an illustrated map of the Illuminati and where they had control.

9th August 2011

I was at a festival with my girlfriend but I was bored. I went to go to a pub to get a drink, I saw a bunch of homeless people stealing from people.

I started to fly and felt vibrations, they became intense and suddenly I was hovering in my bedroom and I could hear my heartbeat.

I was told an old relative of mine would die on a Monday on the 8th or 9th.

10th August 2011

I cut my left hand with a saw, I cut through multiple layers. I passed out and started having vivid hallucinations.

11th August 2011

I saw a skeleton shaped cloud move past a cliff, it falls over and turns into an ancient Egyptian symbol and then became a raft in the water below.

14th August 2011

I was walking through a tunnel of hands, I could hear new music from a band I liked at the time.

16th August 2011

I dreamt a lot about tramps, they all seemed to have addiction issues.

One of them smokes too much, one drinks too much, one loses himself in video games and so on and so on. I see that these are all aspects of myself being shown here.

I avoided them at first because they seemed to be crazy and people were staring at me, but once I joined them it was actually really fun.

The dream then became enhanced, I was so optimistic saying how this dream day was going to be great and we were going to have a beautiful night!

The tramps started to calm down and would start helping me throughout the day, they all seemed to understand each other.

18th August 2011

While meditating and dreaming I saw symbols with energy waves being projected from them.

21st August 2011

I dreamt that Kurt Cobain was making a rap song. I also dreamt of a man painting a Fish/Tiger/Man hybrid.

23rd August 2011

I had the best astral experience, I kept it stable and strong with no fear.

The astral was playing a song for me. It was hazy and I couldn’t see much so I meditated.

I then saw white orbs and started to fly towards them.

26th August 2011

I became conscious of my dream body and tried to roll out of it to astral project.

As I was turning my body I could see and experience different realms or dimensions.

As if I was a corn on a cob being twisted, each angle would show a new scene.

28th August 2011

I found a bunch of money around my city, I dreamt about a Winnie the Pooh Gandhi.

I also saw a weird cloud creature with many eyes.

31st August 2011

I was in a very high tech cinema, there were screens everywhere and they were guarded by strange creatures.

There were lasers everywhere and you had to jump through the correct ones or die.