September Lucid Dreams During 2011-2012

3rd September 2011

I was in a car with my girlfriend, she was in a mood and purposely crashed the car to kill herself.

I was at a busy place but didn’t like it so I turned around to leave and became very lucid.

A man turns up in a car, opens the door and say’s get in, we are going to give you a good experience.

We drive around and through the sea to an island that’s in my city. My girlfriend is there walking around trying to find me and eventually we meet up.

In another dream I became enlightened. I was meditating and levitating and ask my family to join me. They walk around a beautiful place while I float from about to meet them.

They don’t seem very impressed. I invite them to a small pool where I try to pour water on them so that they become enlightened as well but they don’t listen to me and just mess around instead.